Hen Parties

Let us spice up your special day with a selection of witty & sexy songs! Our broad musical selection will make this a night you’ll never forget!

Pubs & Clubs

Introduce your customers to the best of bawdy jazz songs like King Size Papa, Let’s Get Drunk & Truck, Sam the Hot Dog Man and many more.

Private Parties

We are available to perform at private events. We have an extensive repertoire of songs from the 1920s, 30s & 40s including jazz standards.


What on earth is it?
The club or stash is here to provide an escape far from the maddening normal crowd. Wander into idyllically silly conversation and concentrate on our nonsensical happenings both musical and spoken. We are a convivial tatter of dreamers who make things occur. We’re serious about a good time but as with life, nothing is quite what it seems.
Fancy some Beijing Dumplings?

Even if you don’t enjoy Dunkin bagels, Cement Mixer Putti Putti, Anytime Any Place Anywhere we will be waiting for you with a smile, occasionally a false moustache and the finest of wines, cocktails and beers.